10-11 June 2024, London


The future

Of women

The Flagship Women's HealthTech Conference.
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a women's health tech conference during London Tech Week

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Decoding The Future of Women is a 2-Day Multimedia Conference about Innovation in Women's Health and Wellness.

Held during London Tech Week, it attracts visionaries, investors, corporate innovators and cutting-edge startups to reimagine the future of Women’s Health and, ultimately, the future of Humanity.

Magic happens when you are in the same room with like-minded people.

Inspiring keynotes and panel discussions
Networking with leaders in Health, Consumer and Technology
Cutting-edge technology showcase and biohacking room

2024 Themes

Reproductive Tech & Human Fertility

Can technology save our species? From synthetic embryos to artificial wombs - learn about the state of reproductive technology and meet visionary innovators.

Female Longevity

Can we delay menopause? How can ovarian longevity impact women’s health later in life? Learn about the latest biotechnology improving the quality and length of women’s lifespan.

AI & Big Data for Health

Anti-hype conversations about AI in healthcare. You’ll hear from innovators that have successfully implemented AI to improve health outcomes, learn about the state of technology, regulation and data ethics.

Scientific Breakthroughs

Hear from academics and scientists working on novel therapeutics, exploring female biology and advancing fundamental research into women’s health.

Women’s Healthcare 2050

Change starts with a Vision. Come together to imagine the future for women’s health alongside innovators, technology visionaries, researchers and investors.

Startups & FemTech

Mission-driven entrepreneurship is changing the world. Meet the movers and shakers of the rising FemTech sector.

Psychedelic & Alternative Medicine

Psychedelic medicine is having a renaissance. Could psychedelics be a game changer for women? Learn about the latest, evidence-based research from innovators and scientists.

Clinician Creator Economy

Doctors are exploding as creators on social media — smashing misinformation and creating new products. But where are we heading? Find out from some of your favourite influencers in person.

The Future Female Consumer

Economy is driven by the desires of women. Get ahead of the key trends shaping the needs of the future female consumer, including social media, AI, and the rise of personalised health.

Sex of The Future

Women are tapping into their sexual power today more than ever! We will talk about it all: neuroscience of an orgasm, how technology is unlocking female pleasure, the explosion of platforms like OnlyFans and latest research on fetishes. Come with an open mind.

Wearables and Biohacking

What’s next in wearables? Discussing how cutting edge biosensors and biomarkers are bringing us back to our wild nature.

The Future of Mother Earth

Space exploration is a rapidly growing sector, but what does the future of life on earth look like? You’ll learn about circular economy, biodegradable materials and — if we must — space travel.

Inspiring innovation
Mind blowing ideas
Looking into the future of humans

Relive Decoding 2024

Step back into the magic of the day.

meet industry leaders

Meet speakers and attendees from leading companies driving innovation in Women's Health.

The venue

The conference will take place at CodeNode - a creative tech space in The City of London.

10 South Place, London EC2M 7EB

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Decoding the Future of Women is powered by FemTech Lab - a global ecosystem of startups, investors and innovators.

You can expect to meet over 700 attendees, exhibitors, and speakers - all driven by the vision of a better future for Women.

FemTech VCs and Investors
Corporate Innovators
Medical Professionals
Women's Health Startups
Research Institutions
Government Organisations
Tech Journalists
Decoding 2023 Highlights
Latest Breakthroughs in Medical Technology and Diagnostics
The Future Female Biohacker
Wearable Tech: The Next Frontier in Personalised Wellness
SEX of the Future: Sextech Redefining Sexual Empowerment and Intimacy
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